Food Friday: Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream


I LOVE ice cream, and I was curious as to how to make it at home. When my mom bought a KitchenAid stand mixer and later purchased the ice cream maker, I was excited. My boyfriend was equally–if not more–of the same.

I took the equipment to his place, and suggested we make chocolate ice cream. First, we tried the KitchenAid recipe and it turned out more like soft serve and had a strange taste to it (alkaline, as my boyfriend described it). Plus, it contained raw eggs, which was MY concern. (As to why I didn’t realize it as we were making it, well, beats me.)

Since I was worried about the raw eggs, my boyfriend said we should try a recipe that called for the eggs to be cooked. I agreed and we were back in his kitchen with a new recipe…from Alton Brown.

The verdict?

SO much better than the first batch!! We think it was the cooked eggs that made the difference: texture was just like real, bought chocolate ice cream. No strange taste, nothing. We found a winner!

I want to make vanilla next.🙂

Have you ever made homemade ice cream? How did it turn out and what recipe did you use? Let me know in the comments!

Fashion Thursday: Warm Weather Clothes


While she won’t be experiencing a blizzard where she’s attending college, my cousin will definitely need waterproof/warm clothing in Portland, Oregon. It was difficult to determine how much snow (if any) Portland received annually, but you can’t go wrong with the official city website which says the city experiences one snowfall a year and a lot of icy conditions.

Well, she’ll get to see snow at least.🙂

She’s going to need pants, jackets/sweaters, rain boots (do people still wear them?), shoes, socks, and maybe a scarf or two. How’s my list? Am I missing anything?

Winter is so much different on the mainland than in Hawaii.

When it’s “winter” here, all that’s needed are jeans, jacket, umbrella, and shoes. There’s no need to wear layers, like in New York or the Midwest. So with that said, my knowledge of warm weather clothing is limited.

I hope she doesn’t become a Popsicle!

With the colder months coming up, how do you dress for that time of year? What’s the average low temperature where you live? (That question is for my curiosity, since anything below 60 degrees is cold for us in Hawaii!) Let me know in the comments!

Music Monday: “The Hurt”-Kalapana

Kalapana. It’s the name of a town on the Big Island, but also one of Hawaii’s most popular recording groups with hits like “The Hurt” and “What Do I Do.” After their lead singer, Mackey Feary, committed suicide in 1999, the group has continued recording and touring, but their music isn’t the same. Feary had a distinct singing style that can’t be emulated.

Last week my guitar teacher gave me this song to learn because one of his other students brought it in, and we got to talking about the band (he went to high school with Feary). “The Hurt” is one of my favorite Kalapana songs and with the exception of one chord, is an easy song to play.

Here it is for all of you to enjoy.